Published February 9, 2024

2 Ways DraftKings Wins Back Time with Dataclay Templater

Dataclay LA Image

The Challenge for DraftKings:

DraftKings, a fantasy sports contest and sports betting provider, streams live daily for twelve hours to YouTube. That’s a lot of content to deliver every day, and to fill the gaps between the various featured segments, the creative team generates graphics which include promos for current contests, the schedule of what’s next on the stream, and information from their Sportsbook website.

DraftKings Sportsbook Pools Promo

Templater for the Win

Jason Brennan, senior video editor and graphic designer, is one of the creative team members responsible for pulling together all of this data each day and then painstakingly producing these detailed but eye-catching informational graphics.

Overwhelmed by the repetitive burden of manually generating these daily, Jason and the design team at DraftKings created a series of templates in After Effects. They then linked these After Effects compositions to Google Sheets using Dataclay Templater so that members of the DK customer experience team could simply fill out the spreadsheet and have these graphics generated in minutes instead of hours. It’s a win for the entire team, enabling those without design experience to leverage the creative skills of their talented in-house artists without adding to anyone’s workload.

Example Spreadsheet
The Google Sheet populated daily by DraftKings’ customer experience team.

Technical activity is the most primitive activity of man. There is the technique of hunting, of fishing, of food gathering; and later of weapons, clothing, and building. And here we face a mystery. What is the origin of this activity? It is a phenomenon which admits of no complete explanation. By patient research, one finds areas of imitation, transitions from one technical form to another, examples of penetration. But at the core there is a closed area — the phenomenon of invention.

…magic is basically a ‘scholasticism of efficiency’ which man employs as an instrument against his environment; that magic is pragmatic, yet has a precision that must be called objective … magic is the first expression of technique.

— Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society, 1954

A Look at the Finished Video Feed…

The video below shows a typical day’s interstitial feed with the various DraftKing templates complete with transitions.

DraftKing Lower Thirds

Automating the Creation of Lower Thirds

Jason and the team found another benefit of Templater – automating the output of lower thirds for their videos. Again, by leveraging Google Sheets, the team can simply fill in all the information for the day and then perform a batch export when complete. This dramatically reduced the time needed to produce titles.

Dataclay Templater Saves Time and Speeds Up Post Workflow

DraftKings removed repetitive tasks from their daily creative department’s workflow by implementing an automated, template-based workflow using Dataclay  Tempalater. This saves time, eliminates double-entry, reduces errors, and cuts costs every day. Download a free 30-day trial of Dataclay Templater today!

Allan Barnwell

Dr. Stavchansky is a multi-disciplinary professional. As a practitioner of digital media for more than a decade, he works in all phases of production and has carried the titles of designer, developer, creative director, and educator. An Austin native and first generation American, his cross cultural influences, diverse industry experience and extensive education inform his analytical, creative, and technical work.

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