what is QUE and how does it work?

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Scale and speed up data integration with a flexible, secure data source for your dynamic video content.

Introducing QUE, the optimal data source with an API to leverage the full capabilities of Templater to produce dynamic videos.  QUE frees you from the scalability constraints of traditional tabular data sources, such as spreadsheets, which become unwieldy as the volume and complexity of your video production needs grow.

QUE integrates four components

Delivering improved scalability, security and productivity to your video production workflow.


Autografs are representations of Adobe After Effects® projects with layers mapped to static and dynamic asset data via Templater. Dynamic assets — such as text strings, audio-visual files, and color definitions — can change from one video to the next and are controlled by QUE. You create new QUE Autografs directly within Templater’s Autograf dialog.


Jobs are sets of properties that can be applied to one or more AE templates. These properties include your videos’ customization data as well as configurations for how AE should render them, such as resolution settings and output formats.


Campaigns are collections of jobs that keep your data organized and secure. An agency, for example, might have one campaign for each of its clients, and could grant access to a particular campaign only to users authorized to work on it.


Satellites are unique machines running an instance of AE in your environment that interact with QUE via Templater Bot. You can specify which satellite will process each campaign or job, enabling you to allocate your rendering resources efficiently.

It's Like

A finely-tuned API for managing your application's dynamic video data.

Learn the details in the docs

Que is ideal for


Companies and enterprise firms with high-volume, high-variation video production requirements, or with needs to safeguard dynamic video data.


Engineers and coders seeking an easy way to integrate Templater Bot into their apps using a back-end API.

key benefits

The advantages of QUE

Scale your data sources

You can use QUE as your exclusive data source.  It empowers you to consolidate dynamic video data from multiple internal or external sources. It can receive data from any app or service with its exposed API endpoints — mobile apps, web apps, voice apps — the sky’s the limit!

Secure your data

All data stored in QUE is encrypted at rest, and only decrypted when an authorized client requests the data. QUE features methods for field-level masking to prevent the unauthorized viewing of specific sensitive information, such as demographic or health data. No one — not even Dataclay system administrators — can view your masked data.

Extend your capabilities 

QUE includes an API that makes it easy to build apps that integrate dynamic videos. This opens a world of possibilities for exciting new customer experiences and entirely new business models. Best of all, you don’t need to be a software developer to use the API.

Monitor your operational metrics

For you “render wranglers” out there, QUE provides a dashboard to keep an eye on the state of your rendering operations. At a glance, you can see the status of each job, utilization rates of each rendering machine, when each machine was last active, and more.

QUE Plans & Pricing

Easily subscribe to a Solo or Team plan

Plans specify the maximum allowable number of users and satellites authorized to access QUE.

QUE Solo

Get started piping data into QUE and connecting it to Templater. Architect the foundation of your automatic video content creation system and easily manage your dynamic video data as your operation scales.



/ Mo.

FREE for the first 30 days!

Cancel your subscription any time.

QUE plans do not include a license to use Templater. Contact us about discounts when bundling Templater with QUE.

Small Business or Enterprise

QUE Team

Collaborate with your team to manage data easily and add more satellites to process QUE jobs. Assign roles to your team members to define data privileges.


/ Mo.

FREE for the first 30 days!

Cancel your subscription any time.

QUE plans do not include a license to use Templater. Contact us about discounts when bundling Templater with QUE.

Small Business or Enterprise


If your organization requires more users and satellites to access your QUE data, or if you need custom deployments of QUE into your private environment please contact us for a price quote.

Custom quote

Contact us for more info

Small Business or Enterprise?

Enterprise means an organization, including its affiliates, that meets one or more of the following criteria upon the effective date of procuring a license or upon renewal of a license subscription term. Select “Enterprise” if your organization:

  1. employs more than 250 individuals as employees or consultants;
  2. has annual gross revenues of $20,000,000 or more;
  3. intends to use the software to auto-generate or modify more than: 1,000 videos per day; 3,000 videos per week; 10,000 videos per month; or 100,000 videos per year; and/or
  4. is listed as a Fortune 500, Inc. 5000, and/or Fortune Global 500.

Small Business
means an organization that does not meet any of the criteria listed above.  Select “Small Business” if your organization does not meet any of the criteria listed above. For further clarification, please review the “Fees” provision stated in QUE’s Terms of Service. If you remain uncertain as to your organization’s classification please open up a support ticket by mailing support@dataclay.com