We are aware of an issue with some users being blocked from accessing their Google Sheets within Templater. Read more>>

Personalized Creative
Produce personalized or localized videos for use in targeted communication campaigns.
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Streamline your Adobe After Effects workflow to securely render data driven video.
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Easy Integration
Feed Google Sheets, API data, or local files directly into After Effects composition layers.
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Templater 3.0 is now available with support for QUE and After Effects 2022 Multi-Frame Rendering — subscribe or upgrade now for improvements and new features!

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Lori and Tim’s client needs five hundred personalized videos in less than two weeks!  Watch how Dataclay’s Templater™ automation software comes to their rescue making Lori and Tim industry superheroes — overcoming the biggest obstacles faced by advertisers and producers in a new world driven by data.

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Our flagship product, Templater™, is an Adobe® After Effects® plugin that simplifies and accelerates the process of creating customized videos. Simply mark layers in your AE project as dynamic, map data fields to those layers, and then sit back and let Templater do the heavy lifting.

Our services

Dataclay meets you at your point of need. Our suite of design, production, technical and consulting services can augment your team’s creative forces and help you extend the capabilities of Templater.


Out-of-the-box, Templater meets the needs of most customers. For those with more complex needs, Dataclay offers technical services that can extend Templater’s capabilities and integrate smoothly with other APIs.

design +

It takes a mix of creativity, technical know-how, project management, and sometimes a few extra hands to craft beautiful, personalized video experiences that grab attention and call your audience to action. Dataclay’s team of professionals and network of production talent can help guide your project from concept to delivery.


Our customers create workflows and apps that are truly innovative and elegant. Read through our case studies to gain insight into how some users are benefiting from our offerings.

our journey

As a leading innovator in post-production workflow automation, we provide solutions with the following features to solve problems.

An open standard for creating dynamic video templates

Easy integration with existing production environments and apps

Artificial intelligence for solving spatial and temporal layout

Automation algorithms that save producers thousands of hours of labor

Intuitive products designed with the end-user in mind

clients + customers

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Google Sheets—
Account authorization blocked

We are currently investigating an issue that appeared on May 26, 2022, where new authorizations for Templater are being blocked by Google with a "This app is blocked" error message on the consent screen after logging into your Google Account. This issue seems to be limited to Google accounts that have never previously authorized Templater, though it is possible that other accounts may experience issues. We are working with Google to resolve this issue ASAP.

For the moment, we recommend that if you are not able to authorize Templater to access your Google Sheets, that you download that data as JSON or TSV data files.

Please follow our social channels for updates.