Professional services

Dataclay offers a variety of professional services to support our software users.

Every customer is unique, and data-driven projects come in all shapes and sizes. Our professional services are tailored around you. We want to be sure your experience with Dataclay Station is everything you want—and need—it to be. All professional services engagements are quoted individually.

Service offerings

Support packages

We offer three different support packages for your unique needs.

Standard support is included with your software purchase at no additional charge.

Premium support offers a more advanced level of troubleshooting. It goes beyond our applications to include the video, data, and other files you use in Dataclay Station.

Our Ultimate support package includes the features of Premium, plus support for remote JSON feeds and event scripting.

Implementation services

Sometimes a little extra help can mean you reach your goals sooner.

The Dataclay Station suite is designed to be easy for users to implement on their own, but occasionally you need more. An implementation services engagement can range from helping a single content creator set up their first customized video project to consulting with a company’s developers on building integrations using our APIs.

Consulting services

Our team comes from the production world and has the battle scars to prove it.

We know the common production pitfalls and how to avoid them. We’re defining industry-standard techniques, and we speak your language. A consulting services engagement lets you take advantage of our expertise in project management, design, and other elements of customized video production.

Our goal in consulting is to build your skills and knowledge so you have the confidence to move past our engagement to fly solo. If you’re interested in outsourcing all or part of your customized video project, we can connect you with a qualified freelancer experienced in customized video.

Event scripting for Templater

Dataclay Templater is extendable using shell scripts and ExtendScripts to automate a variety of tasks.

Developers experienced with these tools can create their own scripts and integrate them in their Autografs (Templater-rigged compositions). Users can also access our GitHub repos, case studies, and event scripts documentation to get a head start.

For those who lack experience, time, or both, Dataclay offers scripting service engagements. We can author complex scripts to make almost anything more efficient.

Examples from previous engagements include authenticating with a third-party database before extracting data, transforming data into a different format, sending an email or SMS notification when a render is complete, and more.

Feature enhancements

Some of our best ideas for new features come from our customers!

Any user is free to suggest or request a new feature. Our team considers each request and adds it to our roadmap if appropriate.

We also offer feature development engagements if a particular feature is vital to your business success. In these cases, customers pay an engagement fee for us to prioritize the requested feature and reallocate developer time and resources to support it. Features developed in these engagements then become part of the application for which they are developed, and may be made available to other customers.