Events & Fan Engagement

Videos at live events energize audiences. Templater helps organizations create custom videos that will sizzle–from dynamic content overlays that accompany live presentations to player statistics and highlight reels during sports events.

  • SXSW​ uses Templater to rapidly create lower-thirds overlays for screens during keynotes.
  • Event Engineering​ and ​Fuse Staging​ use Templater for producing video content during live events.
  • HUDL​ used Templater Bot to automatically construct beautiful motion graphics which were composited atop automatically created highlight reels for sports athletes.
  • Professional athletic teams such as ​the Cleveland Cavaliers and Vancouver Whitecaps​ use Templater to quickly insert relevant data into player statistics found in highlight reels.
  • Athletics departments in at Brigham Young University and Wichita​ State University use Templater for sharing sports statistics.
  • Moshare​ uses Templater to help teams and brands present scores, lineups, results and more to audiences—beautifully and in seconds.
  • Solive​ uses Templater to automate video used to create branded visual content to increase fan engagement and boost social audiences.
  • Perform Group​ uses Templater to automatically create video content for sports publishers.