Digital Signage

Whether in a store, a stadium, a church, or in Times Square, organizations of all kinds need to dynamically change electronic signage to accommodate specific situations. Templater makes it easy.

  • Motion designers at Apple Computer​​ use Templater to automatically produce video content for in-store messaging.
  • Prismview​, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, uses Templater to automate the creation of video content for signage systems installed around the world.
  • PlayStation Theater​​ in New York City automates the production of content appearing on their Times Square marquee.
  • With Templater in their arsenal, Screenfeed​​ generates hours upon hours of content for their digital signage subscription service.
  • Engagis​ uses Templater to create content used for signage installed in retail, telco, finance, real estate, hospitality, entertainment environments.
  • Religious organizations such as Elevation Church​, ​Seacoast Church​ and New Life Church​​ use Templater to quickly produce relevant video content displayed during worship and sermons.