Corporate Marketing & Communications

Companies use video for a wide variety of purposes both externally and internally, from advertising and recruiting to internal communications and training. The bigger the company, the more Templater can help companies customize videos for specific products, geographies, and customer and employee groups.

  • Lyft​ uses Templater to create targeted video for advertising and recruiting drivers in various locales.
  • Using Templater, Netflix​​ automates the localization of video marketing assets for audiences around the world.
  • Fandango​ & Rotten Tomatoes​​ use Templater to quickly create video content that adheres to specific brand guidelines.
  • Forex Club​ automates the creation of video used in communications for the securities and currency exchange industry.
  • Amazon​ uses Templater to facilitate video content production for high-volume video campaigns.
  • Fundmetric​ uses Templater to automatically create data-driven fundraising campaign videos targeted at specific individuals.
  • Jellyvision​ uses Templater to create video content tailored to specific employees who need to quickly learn everything about their employer’s benefits and protocols.
  •​ automates video content production for internal employee communication.