Personalization strengthens the relationship between customers and brands, which leads to customer acquisition and retention. That’s why leading global advertising and marketing agencies use Templater to tailor video messages for their clients’ customers.

  • Eyeview Digital​ uses Templater to quickly produce data-driven video content that makes use of high-end design and motion graphics techniques.
  • Saatchi & Saatchi London​ and ​Penega Communications ​use Templater to produce personalized video ad campaigns.
  • Omnicom’s ​eg+ Worldwide​ uses Templater to automate the creation of videos for targeted ad campaigns for their Fortune 500 clients.
  • Vidyard​ uses Templater in their production pipeline to produce countless personalized videos for email campaigns to help companies generate leads and grow revenue.
  • Loma Vista Recordings​ and Concord Music Group​​ worked with designer and developer Lee Martin​, who uses Templater to personalize ads promoting their recording artists’ new albums and singles.
  • AdGreetz​ uses Templater to automatically tailor celebrity testimonial ads to specific recipients.
  • Tom Park Media​ makes use of Templater to quickly produce relevant, high-quality video content for automotive dealership advertising campaigns.
  • Runtastic​ uses Templater to automate the creation of videos containing athletic summaries for their athletic users.
  • AdParlor​ uses Templater to produce video at scale for one-to-one direct marketing campaigns.
  • Creative branding agency Loyalkaspar​​ uses Templater to create a variety of campaigns for clients looking to engage their customers more intimately.

What is PopChar?

Dataclay has partnered with Ergonis to offer PopChar in a special bundle with Templater Rig. Elevate your text editing experience with PopChar, the ultimate tool for easy access to special characters. Say goodbye to the tedious task of searching and copy-pasting. PopChar allows you to search and quickly insert any special character from your installed fonts, right where you need it. Learn more

Templater + PopChar

See PopChar in action in a recent Dataclay Vodcast.