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Registering with FastSpring

How to fill out the FastSpring Payee Signup form:

  1. Primary Contact Full Name
    Enter your full legal name as it appears on your tax documents.
  2. Primary Contact Email
    Enter the email address of where you want FastSpring to send all notifications.
  3. Company Name
    If you are an owner or part of a company, enter its name here. Otherwise, please enter your own name.
  4. Company Website
    If you are registering as a company please enter its web address. If you are a freelancer, please submit the address of a web page that showcases your latest creative work.
  5. Mailing Address
    Please enter the official mailing address where you expect to receive any and all forms.
  6. Primary Contact’s Phone Number
    Enter a valid phone number where you can be reached if needed for verification.
  7. Company who asked you to sign up
    Enter: Dataclay, LLC
  8. Email of person who asked you to sign up

What is PopChar?

Dataclay has partnered with Ergonis to offer PopChar in a special bundle with Templater Rig. Elevate your text editing experience with PopChar, the ultimate tool for easy access to special characters. Say goodbye to the tedious task of searching and copy-pasting. PopChar allows you to search and quickly insert any special character from your installed fonts, right where you need it. Learn more

Templater + PopChar

See PopChar in action in a recent Dataclay Vodcast.