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Dealership Follow-Thru

Dealership Follow-Thru

Support Car Dealerships with these exciting client-targeted videos geared for test drive follow-ups and a service department reminder.

This kit comes with two video projects designed to convert leads for Car Dealership Sales, and nurture customers for the Service Department. Follow up on a test drive with a fun reminder and messaging from the Sales rep. Send personalized service reminders with important details about the clients’ vehicle.

Dealership Follow-Thru is divided into two videos. Generate quick-to-order follow-up and reminder videos to nurture leads and clients.

Test Drive FT is a targeted video meant for a customer who has taken a test drive, but hasn't purchased. A salesperson can follow up with this video directly with the customer to send a personalized message, and share an enjoyable moment.

Service Time FT is a friendly service reminder and can be used as a post-service follow-up message. Tips on good maintenance with a service member's face and name help your department keep an excellent rapport with customers.

Video Structure:

Test Drive FT

Output: Square, Wide, Vertical

Runtime: 15 seconds

  • Personalized title for test drive
  • Personalized message to reinforce test drive experience
  • Photo and Name of Sales rep
  • Photo or video footage of test drive
  • 10 sec maximum for video
  • Photo, Price, Year, Make, Model of vehicle taken for test drive
  • Dealership information and logo
  • Background photo of dealership
  • Personalized call to action
  • Dealership information and logo

Service Time FT

Output: Square, Wide, Vertical

Runtime: 22 seconds

  • Personalized message to make, or remind of, a service appointment
  • Background dealership photo
  • Dealership information and logo
  • Personalized service title
  • Personalized message to educate or inform client of service needed
  • Background service department photo
  • Service date (or message for making appointment)
  • Photo, Year, Make and Model of car for service
  • Photo and service rep information
  • Dealership information and logo