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Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is,” explains Morpheus in the science fiction classic, The Matrix.

While explaining Dataclay’s technology is not nearly so difficult a challenge, many people mistake our product for just an automation tool when it is also a platform. Our flagship product, Templater™, is an Adobe® After Effects® plugin that simplifies and accelerates the process of creating customized videos.

There – did you miss it?

Yes, our product is a plugin for After Effects. That’s where most people stop. 

And why not? Templater is a great plugin! It saves users hundreds, even thousands of hours by automating repetitive tasks inside After Effects. And just like the ad says at the top of the page – we leave the creativity in the hands of the After Effects user, unlike many other video automation tools that force people into using their unfamiliar and limited proprietary interfaces.

But wait, did you catch the part about it also being a platform? What’s that all about?

Since Templater is able to both connect After Effects compositions to data sources outside of the program, and it is able to automate After Effects, Templater can be implemented as a standalone video customization platform. As such, our clients have integrated Templater as the backend of video creation websites, apps, and other solutions.

There’s much more I could tell you about Dataclay’s Templater, but – like Morpheus – I’d much rather show you. So let me offer you the same choice he made Neo: if you’d like to just get back to your life and forget you ever visited this site, feel free to click the blue pill below. Or, to learn more about Templater and continue down the video automation rabbit hole, click the red pill.

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