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Welcome to Dataclay

“Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is,” explains Morpheus in the science fiction classic, The Matrix. While explaining Dataclay’s technology is not

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Standard or Floating License?

A Standard license will be sufficient for most users. This is a node-locked license, but it can still be manually deactivated from within the Templater Preferences or from within your profile and moved to another machine, if necessary.

Templater can lease a Floating license from a pool of licenses managed by (Linux) server software that you install, setup, and activate on a machine that you control. When After Effects quits, Templater‘s license is released and returned to the pool of licenses. If the machine After Effects is running on is no longer available, the server software will release the license after a user-specified amount of time. The server setup files for Linux are provided with your Templater installation files. You will also need to connect the machines running Templater to the licensing server. This configuration is particularly useful when using virtual machines. If you use the standard license, every time you spin up a new virtual machine, Templater will need to be activated manually.

For further clarification, please review the “What is a Floating License” section in Managing Floating Licenses.  If you remain uncertain as to which license to purchase, please open up a support ticket by mailing

Small Business or Enterprise?

Enterprise means an organization, including its affiliates, that meets one or more of the following criteria upon the effective date of procuring a license or upon renewal of a license subscription term. Select “Enterprise” if your organization:

  1. employs more than 250 individuals as employees or consultants;
  2. has annual gross revenues of $20,000,000 or more;
  3. intends to use the software to auto-generate or modify more than: 1,000 videos per day; 3,000 videos per week; 10,000 videos per month; or 100,000 videos per year; and/or
  4. is listed as a Fortune 500, Inc. 5000, and/or Fortune Global 500.

Small Business
means an organization that does not meet any of the criteria listed above.  Select “Small Business” if your organization does not meet any of the criteria listed above.

For further clarification, please review the “License Fees” provision stated in Templater’s End-User License Agreement.  If you remain uncertain as to your organization’s classification please open up a support ticket by mailing