Published February 9, 2024

Gateway Church Automates Scripture Graphics for Videos Dynamically Using Dataclay’s Templater

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“Templater made it simple to version lower thirds so I don’t have to run 60ish exports out of AE.”
– JD Spivey, Creative Media Director, Gateway Church

Gateway Church Lower Thirds Example

Every week, JD Spivey, the Creative Media Director at Gateway Church in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, must prepare about 60 lower thirds of scripture to be superimposed over the weeks television broadcasts and DVDs. JD and his team have little time for repetitive drudgery ‐ and typing in, formatting, and then exporting that many graphics out of Adobe After Effects each week is one task that they thankfully don’t have to do by hand anymore. That’s because they’ve automated the process using Dataclay’s Templater plugin for After Effects.

Gateway Church Lower Thirds Example

Allan Barnwell

Dr. Stavchansky is a multi-disciplinary professional. As a practitioner of digital media for more than a decade, he works in all phases of production and has carried the titles of designer, developer, creative director, and educator. An Austin native and first generation American, his cross cultural influences, diverse industry experience and extensive education inform his analytical, creative, and technical work.

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